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How To Publish With Kindle Create In 9 Steps

You should definitely be aware of Kindle Create if you intend to publish a book. Turning your manuscript into a book or ebook is possible with the help of Amazon’s free formatting software.


The fundamental overview you’ll need to know in order to use the software is provided by this guide, in case you’re new to it.


What Is Kindle Create?

An ebook or print book can be created from a manuscript by authors using Amazon’s free software tool, Kindle Create.


Additionally, Kindle Create is available in a number of languages; however, if there is a language you require, you should verify their availability.


How Easy Is Kindle Create?

While Kindle Create is easy to use overall, there are other programmes that are far simpler than this one. Additionally, some programmes offer greater customisation capabilities than Kindle Create does.


But since it’s their direct programme and integrates with Amazon so seamlessly—not to mention that it’s free—many people tend to use it.


Is Kindle Creator Free?

Indeed! You can make your manuscript into a book publish with Amazon by using Kindle Create, which is free.


Many authors use it because, while there are other free online programmes for creating books and ebooks, this one is the most compatible with Amazon publishing services USA.


What are the 9 Steps of Publishing Process?

1 – Download the software

2 – Prepare your book files

3 – Upload your book files into Kindle Create

4 – Check the suggested formatting

5 – Add in your front matter and back matter pages

6 – Check your table of contents

7 – Check your chapter title formatting and pick your overall theme

8 – Customize the details

9 – Be ready to publish


Download the software

To start, you should visit the Kindle Create website and download the appropriate software for your computer’s operating system.


Additionally, to ensure that the software functions properly, you must confirm that your computer meets the system requirements.


There are options available for both Mac and PC computers. It may take some customisation to download the software if your system isn’t one of those (like Linux).


As soon as the software arrives, you should launch it to confirm that it was installed and functions properly on your computer.


Prepare your book files

As soon as the software has been downloaded, you should take some time to collect the supplies you’ll need to write your book.


Your manuscript is the primary item you should retrieve initially so you can import it into the Kindle Create programme.


Additionally, since they will be useful later, you should keep your book cover images close at hand. But before you go to that step, you can spend some time formatting your book within the software.


It’s also important to know that you can pause, resume, and go back to any step as you complete it.


Upload your book files into Kindle Create

It’s simple to start a new book and upload files with Kindle Create. For the kind of book you are writing, you should choose the appropriate format.


Reflowable is the best option if you are writing a biography, poetry book publish, novel, or something similar. For comic books, a comic.

Alternatively, if textbooks, magazines, or anything else uses a lot of print and images, you should choose Print Replica.


Given that Reflowable is the most conventional book format, most authors who visit our website will want to choose it.


Check the suggested formatting

Some things Kindle Create will take care of for you automatically, like determining your chapter titles.


A prompt regarding the “suggested chapter titles” will appear for you to review to ensure it selected them accurately. To help Kindle Create format your book the way you want, you can select which of these are correct.


If you would rather not use automatic formatting, you can also do it by hand. This may be particularly true if you are creating a book—like publishing a poetry book—that doesn’t fit neatly into a traditional format.


Add in your front matter and back matter pages

Your book won’t jump straight into the sections. You’ll need a dedication page, your Title Page, copyright information, and so forth.


You should see a section called “Front Matter” in your Kindle Create app. By clicking the “+” button, you can add the actions you want in your book.


You should include anything you have, like a publisher image, if you have one.


You can also determine where to insert the back matter pages by using the “+” symbol. You may want to mention the author’s other books or other writings.


Check your table of contents

Your Table of Contents page will also be assembled and formatted by Kindle Create once it has an understanding of your chapter titles.


You should choose “Contents” -> “Insert” -> “Table of Contents” in order to modify the various chapters and add the Table of Contents.


Remember that Kindle Create will automatically update the Table of Contents whenever you add, format, or remove chapters, saving you the trouble of editing it by hand.


Check your chapter title formatting and pick your overall theme

For every title, Kindle Create will give you a generic formatting appearance. Whether you wish to alter or maintain the formatting is entirely up to you.


That applies to your book’s synopsis as well. You may want to select a different layout and font from the built-in “Modern” theme.


Customize the details

Subsequently, you can incorporate various photos, hyperlinks, footnotes, and any additional content required to customize your book to your exact specifications.


Be ready to publish

The Kindle Create software facilitates the process of printing book publish or creating ebooks by exporting book files, as it is compatible with all Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) options.

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