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In this interesting, comprehensive guide, we will walk through the necessary aspects of recording your Audio Book Services most contentedly.


What Is an Audio-book?
How to Record It?
Where to Publish It?


Without using difficult-to-understand jargon, we will assist you throughout the process; binge on a lot of snacks and stick with us until the end because we are here to lead the way.


What Is an Audio-book?


Audio Book Services are recordings of the book’s text in a voice you listen to instead of reading. There are both full-length and shortened versions of books available as audio-books that can be played on any audio device you have, e.g., Smartphones, computer speakers, or sound systems. Audio-books are typically bought and downloaded similarly to stream-able digital music. They can also be downloaded free from some websites or purchased from online bookstores. Audio-books, found in libraries and schools, were frequently used for education by story narrators. Talking books, as they were often referred to, were available in physical form on analog cassette tapes and vinyl records before the digital availability of audio-books with the advancement of the internet.


Moreover, Audio-books can help you expand your vocabulary. Especially for children and learners of a second language, hearing new words alone or in combination with reading them can significantly improve vocabulary and comprehension. Besides this, Audio-books are adored by listeners as it makes easier to multitask, help reduce screen time, and make it accessible to a wider audience from the comfort of their couch.


How to Record it?


First and foremost, we live in a digital age where technology is at our fingertips. The advent of different software made it easy for audiobook narrators to DIY the process. If you are an enthusiast and already have a basic home recording setup (makeshift studio), then you already know the drill. For absolute beginners, though, you need a smartphone or an entry-level dynamic mic to get started with recording your first-ever audio-book.


If you are recording on our computer:


The first thing you may require to record your audio-book is a piece of software, which could be a simple audio recording or a proper digital audio workstation software. There are many options for audio recording software, ranging from expensive to budget-friendly. Therefore, we will keep it simple by sharing a free alternative for beginner-level recording and tweaking. The best option we have so far is Audacity, a digital audio editor and recording application for Windows, macOS, and Linux that is surprisingly free and open-source. A gazillion tutorials regarding Audacity are available on YouTube to get you started with this amazing piece of software.


Understand the conventions of the paranormal romance genre


Most people already know how to record audio using their smartphone’s native recorder that comes pre-installed, but for a little more control over some settings, you can opt for a free recording app called Recforge lite, which is straightforward. However, if you want some audio-book maker type of app, we recommend you to check the Anchor app for recording and editing audio. Anchor is initially a podcast-driven app, but you can also use this app to record your compelling audio-books; you’ll find tons of tutorials for this app.


Where to Publish It?


Now you have done with the recording process; it’s time to publish your audio-book. We found these platforms to be the most popular and reliable for publishing your audible book.


Our Thoughts


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